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Escape from the Ordinary

The shop: 

A Pop-Up ‘Paddington Boutique Garage Sale’.

Selling curated finds, new and pre-loved furniture and clothing on consignment. 

One-off pieces, curious Nic-nacs, desirable designer and vintage fashions. 

Not like the usual stuffy antique and second hand stores, we don’t like to dust, our prices set to sell. 

We feature up-cycled items from Local artists, fun creations from Grannies who like to knit n sew, one off pieces from Grandpas who like to tinker and anything else we love the look of. 

Part proceeds donated to grass-roots local charities. 

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All About the Store

We are a bunch of cool cats who see the beauty in the every day. 

The store is a collaboration of a Stylist, an Interior Designer, a Collector, a Dealer,  a Fossicker & a growing bunch of Artists. 

We source from our collections (yes we are all self confessed ‘collectors'), locals on consignment, estate sales & client projects. 

Basically, if it's pretty and brings us a smile, its in the store for sale. 

We up-cycle, we re-cycle, we bicycle. 

We declutter, we downsize, we design. 

We create, we source, we sell on consignment. 

We know you will leave with something that brings you joy

Home Page: About Us

Why the name:  "Cleveland on Oxford'?

Many years ago, on a dark and stormy night….coming home from a few drinks at the pub, one of our owners found what he thought was a wet rat in the gutter on a busy main road. 

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a 3 week old kitten (assumed washed down the drain). The feisty lil' Kitten was rushed to the Vet and about 4 weeks later the call came in… “you know that kitten you found, he’s alive, doing well. Did you want him?” 

It was perfect timing, and that little bundle of joy from the gutter become an instant Family member. 

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Oh, and his name:  Cleveland, so named after the Street he was found on. 

Fast forward 10 years, and the 'Cleveland Philosophy' is part of our store mantra. 

That is:  "everything has nine lives” 

Like everyone, ON THE PLANET, 2020 was particularly challenging for the Cats here at CoO.....Some lost jobs, some lost businesses & others, well; they lost their marbles.

It was on one of our walks 'to clear our heads' that we stumbled across this amazing shop space &  the idea was born. 

Cleveland on Oxford

We welcome you to come visit, take a look at what we have to offer and be surprised.

Up-cycling is the New-New, you know... 

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